Why you have chosen it for the research.

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Write one page describing your idea about the chosen topic: THE RIGHT TO DIE and why you have chosen it for the research. State at least one reason. Please see the example given and read the rest of instructions on the uploaded paper. No need for sources or references at this time.
This is a series of papers at the end of which I will have to submit an 8-10 pages of research of the topic above: The right to die. Therefore, it is a MUST that all of them are written by ONE AND ONLY THE SAME PERSON, who is my preferred writer 34522.
I don’t want any one else to mess with these papers as they are very important at the end of my education. It happened before, but I don’t want this to happen again. I will make sure I place the order ahead of time to allow my preferred writer (34522) enough time to be available for me.

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