With each element, ask yourself, would I really incorporate this element in real life?

Business Plan

Business Plan or Business Proposal

Bottomline: PLEASE READ and see attachments!!!


Although you will each be working on separate projects, depending on your previous coursework, you will come together in the discussions to share your ideas from your various perspectives. The business world operates through the use of cross-functional teams and understanding the similarities and differences in perspectives is essential to your future success. With this in mind, the course is organized into subfolders related to each of your degree programs. You will notice that the folders are grouped into two primary areas, depending on your degree program, which will drive the type of project you will be doing.

Whether you are working on a business plan or a project proposal, your work will be presented unlike typical assignments you have had in your program. You will be moving away from a researched based essay to actually presenting your material for consideration. Think of yourself as a business leader trying to gain support from shareholders, or a business leader who already has the support, and is trying to gain new clients. You can also be a new entrepreneur who wants to diversify and gain financial backing. With each element, ask yourself, would I really incorporate this element in real life? If not, is there a way to customize the material to make it work? The work will require you to critically analyze your work.

The same goes for a project proposal. You are a project leader trying to gain support of upper management to implement a project solution. You can also be a project leader who already has support and are working through the elements of adopting the project. I always tell my students, you are working within the guidelines of the course assignments but you are transforming the information that will support the effort that allows you to present to the correct audience.  So, when the assignment calls you to write an Executive Summary (you may instead use an Abstract), remember you are not describing why an ES is important or what elements should be included in the section, you are writing one!  You need to have a fundamental understanding that each sentence you write should not “teach or explain” a concept. Your work should always be directed towards what your company does or plans to accomplish.

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