You must also explain, step by step, how to do what you propose.

0min Persuasive Speech written

Unit VI – Speech Performance 3 Persuasive Speech: You are required to submit your Persuasive Speech after you complete Unit VI. Description: Please read the following instructions before beginning your speech. Speech content and topic: Your Persuasive Speech must be delivered using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. Your speech must be about a business or social issue. Many people in the audience may already believe that something should be done about the problem but do not have enough motivation to take action. Your task is to persuade them. Monroe’s Motivated Sequence consists of five steps that are delivered sequentially as follows: 1. Attention Step: When you begin, you want to get your audience’s attention. Your first words should be a dramatic story or a rhetorical question; you can give a shocking statistic, or repeat a well-known quotation. Next, state your name and say why you are credible to give this speech. You end this step by telling the audience what specific action you are going to persuade them to take. 2. Need Step: In this Step, you must show that a significant problem exists that will not go away unless the audience takes action. Everyone in the audience should believe that a problem exists. Document each problem with statistics, examples, testimony, etc. 3. Satisfaction Step: Now you must offer a solution or solutions for the problem that you explained in the Need Step. This solution or these solutions are your ideas. They should be well thought out and explained clearly. You must also explain, step by step, how to do what you propose. 4. Visualization Step: In this Step, you must create a mental picture of the benefit(s) of carrying out your solution, or, alternatively, of the consequences of not doing anything to resolve the problem. Audiences are persuaded when they understand the benefits or consequences that will affect them as individuals. 5. Action Step: You must now persuade the audience to take action to resolve the problem. Do not give the audience choices. Tell them specifically what you want them to do. If you offered more than one solution, choose one solution that they can begin to do immediately. It must be something that they can do as individuals. If you ask the audience to do more than one specific thing, it is likely that they will not do anything and your Persuasive Speech is wasted. The following list will guide you as you prepare your speech: Before choosing a topic, read the grading rubric. If you need clarification on any of the grading elements, please contact your professor. Your speech must be no less than seven minutes and no more than 10 minutes. Speaking outside these time limits will result in a grade penalty of 10 points. When you have recorded your speech, play it back. Ensure that your voice is audible, that you are clearly in the center of the screen, and that your facial expressions and body language are easily seen. Questions should be directed to your professor prior to beginning the assignment. SP 1010, Speech Communication 5 Techniques for creating effective recordings: The following techniques are adapted from Kristen Bell DeTienne’s “Guide to Electronic Communication” (2002) by Prentice Hall. 1. Plan everything in advance. Practice with any visual aids that you use. 2. Double check all equipment as necessary, to ensure effective taping, etc. 3. Test all graphics and cameras in advance of recording the speech. Regarding the recording itself, you should remember to:  Begin and end within the time frame specified. Avoid moving out of view of the camera. Make sure the audience will be able to see you in your range of movement, but still be able to make out your facial expressions and gestures. Do not sit as you deliver your speech. It is a courtesy to the audience that you stand unless you are unable to do so. It is also important that you make eye contact at least 95% of the time. Speak naturally and be yourself. Imagine that the audience is in the room with you. Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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