•The depth and extent of your knowledge of relevant reading and research.

I have ordered a previous essay with the title of “Choose one theorist on aspects of team working (for example Social Identity Theory by Tajfel &Turner, 1979) and discuss two main insights they bring to understanding team dynamics”
my order number is 81525734 and it will be attached to this order.
However, my NEW essay is 1500 words (excluding reference list at end) plus 300 words reflective statement showing how the feedback and learning from the first mini essay has been used to prepare the final essay. To do that you should list TWO aspects you have improved upon and reflect on how you have used the tutor feedback constructively. Please keep the work within the word limit 1500+300 words.
Assessment criteria for the final essay are:

•Focus on question set;
•Quality of argument and analysis
•The depth and extent of your knowledge of relevant concepts, writers and ideas;
•The depth and extent of your knowledge of relevant reading and research;
•originality in discussion and analysis.
•ability to write clearly in a recognised academic style, which is suitable for essay writing,
•ability to reference appropriately.

The assessment criteria above mean in simple terms that you must show you have knowledge of what has been taught on the module, and that you can use this to answer a question in an informed and structured way, presenting arguments in a clear and logical academic way and using relevant literature/research.
Most of the following: Clear evidence of independent and original thinking in arguments and analysis; evidence of wide or in-depth reading/research to support points made; wide or deep understanding of relevant concepts, writers and ideas; mastery of academic style; fluently written and very well-argued essay.
-Core textbook (essential reading):
King, D and S.Lawley (2013) ‘ Organizational Behaviour’, Oxford University Press, Oxford.

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