Explain why you think it was chosen and evaluate its appropriateness •

A 2000 word critique of the methodology employed in a piece of academic research. and provide a detailed assessment of the methodology employed in carrying out the research which is presented in the published article.
you should try to confine your analysis to an assessment of the methodology behind the research presented in the article. This should comprise a broad and detailed discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the particular methodology which draws upon the wider literature on research methods included in the module booklet, coupled with a careful analysis of how that methodology has been applied in this particular case. In your critique you MUST discuss the following: • The objectives of the research, • The type of methodology/ies employed .Explain why you think it was chosen and evaluate its appropriateness • With reference to the literature on research methods, critically evaluate the research methodology, and suggest any possible alternative methods which might have usefully been employed. • Reliability/validity of the choice of method.
Notice /in the introduction : briefly summarise the article outlining the aims of the research and the main findings . Also , A detalied explanation of the mothodology employed / discuss in detail the type of methodology/ies employed .Does the article seek to explain and defend the methodology? what did the research involve? were there any ethical consideration?was more than one research method used? what kind of date did the research produce? how is it verified and analysed?
A critical analysis of he methodology /provide a critical assessment of the particular methodology involved . At this point you should move beyond analysis of the article under review . and apply some wider literature on research methods.you must undertake a critical assessment of the potential benefits and drawbacks of the research method/s which were used .you must include sources on methodology (failure to do so will adversely affect your mark)
Conclusions:In conclusion you should consider the appropriateness of the choice of method and suggest any possible alternative methods, which might have usefully been employed
Bibliography: you need to access related literature for the evaluation, which must be appropriately referenced in the bibliography .you must have at least 7 sources including those on your subject or research and research methodology sources .failure to do so may result in a mark of zero .
Important thing please I just need to let know I do not want more than 2000 words just I need 2000 no more

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