A case study based on the story of a victim of crime ?

The written work can be done individually or in teams of two, three or four people. This is to prepare a working 8 to 10 pages of double-spaced. Two options are possible: 1. A review of the literature on a topic related to victimology, the choice of theme the student. ? This is to document a question or research topic using documentary references. 2. A case study based on the story of a victim of crime ? This is to make links between cases lived (interview with victim, Book a victim) and the concepts of victimology views in class and / or from documentary sources. ? It is not to make a book summary or a case but lived to links between the concepts of victimology and the chosen case. Hardware Overview The work must be delivered in class, on paper, 8 ½ x 11; printing sided, margins 2.5 cm .; Times New Roman 12 pts; double-spaced text. The Work should include 8-10 pages, excluding the cover page, references and appendices (If it’s happened). It is not necessary to make a table of contents. Make sure you meet the standards of the “presentation of a written work Guide” published by the Faculty of Continuing Education available on the platform of the course. For the document references as the standards of this guide as those of the American Psychological Association (APA) are accepted.

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