A good structural idea in writing the essay would be roughly to keep to this:

It would be a good idea to look into the US National Security Strategy 2002 and analyse the impact in which it had on the definition of sovereignty; a good section of the essay should evaluate this piece of documentation.

A good structural idea in writing the essay would be roughly to keep to this:
Introduction – 312 words and Thesis – 50 words in the same paragraph

Road Map – 225 words discussing on what will be discussed within the essay

4 Paragraphs – 312 words each supporting the argument of the thesis

Anti thesis – 350 words discussing issues that go against the thesis, acknowledge and address possible criticisms of thesis

Conclusion – 312 words

Also you should be signposting between paragraphs by starting each argument by referring to the previous section.

Address the question or title; follow a structured and signposted sequence; demonstrate familiarity with the relevant literature to the concept of sovereignty; present an analysis and evaluation of the ideas and theories discussed; reveal internal integration and coherence; use references and examples to support the claims and arguments made; provide detailed references and sources in the bibliography or reference section; be written in good and grammatically correct English. Differences within the range are usually attributable to differences in the quality of analysis and evaluation and internal integration and coherence.

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