All elements of this assignment will be submitted in Canvas.

Academic/Business Portfolio
Please create a business Portfolio and include explanations and comments that makes it more appealing. Spread the word count between the comments and the cover letter

Students will submit a portfolio that showcases their academic excellence and professional experience that could be used to submit to graduate school and/or a prospective employer.
Things to know and what your professor expects:
• All elements of this assignment will be submitted in Canvas
• Items to include:
o Title page and table of contents
o Professional resume and cover letter.. If I am applying for a management position… Please take a look and the one I attached and proofread it professional. Also, include descriptions for my current job as culinary manager.
o One reference letter from a past professor or a supervisor in your current, professional field… I will include this at the end.
o Two examples of outstanding academic work completed in the BAS in Supervision and Management program. I attached a business plan and a research for Mandela’s leadership.
o Final Capstone Project paper…… I will include this at the end.
o Professional development activities (must include artifacts) if applicable… I am a public notary of Florida, I am a certified book keeper by the bookkeeper association.
Professional and/or academic awards and achievements… AA In general arts from Edison Estate college, AS in Business administration, and a BAS in Supervision in management in progress with expected graduation date may 8, 2015. Also, GPA is 3.89 and I am part of Phi Theta Kappa and Delta Sigma Beta which is a business honor society.

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