Analyze. Look at several real ads and try to figure out why they’re effective.

create a counter advertisement to a harmful media message. This can be a parody of an existing ad that changes the messages to be truthful and positive using the same persuasion techniques.
The simplest way to create a counter-ad is to alter a real ad by changing the text or adding graphic elements; like writing or drawing over the original ad, or pasting new materials onto it. A counter-ad can also be created by drawing a new image, copying the design and layout of a real ad. You can also write scripts for radio or TV counter-ads. Or take it a step further and record or videotape your counter-ad. Be creative!
Here are a few tips on making effective counter-ads:

Analyze. Look at several real ads and try to figure out why they’re effective. The best counter-ads use the same techniques to deliver a different message.
Power. Your message has to break through the clutter of all the real ads that people see or hear. Think about what makes an ad memorable to you. What techniques does it use to grab your attention? Use them.
Persuade. Use the same persuasion techniques found in real ads – like humor, repetition, or flattery – to deliver your alternative message.
Pictures. Visual images are incredibly powerful. People often forget what they read or hear, but remember what they see. The best counter-ads, like the best ads, tell their stories through pictures.
Rebellion. Advertising targeted at young people often appeals to a sense of youthful rebellion. Effective counter-ads expose misleading and manipulative advertising methods and turn their rebellious spirit toward the corporate sponsors who use them.
• “KISS” – Keep It Short & Simple. Use only one idea for your main message. Focus everything on getting this message across.

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