Are these formal groupings tribes, or are tribes something else?

Video Discuss

Here is the Video: “Tribes” by David Logan


David Logan argues that that people naturally form into tribes.  Logan describes five stages of tribes in ways that sounds very much like organizational cultures.

Organizational structures define the formal groupings within an organization and these groupings have cultures that are defined in part by their structure and in part be the values expoused by their leaders.  Are these formal groupings tribes, or are tribes something else?  Explain.


Combining with the content on the PPT and Video when you write the discussion Answer. 

Master Level, one page, double space, 12 point Time New Roman, one margin. 


Please view  the PPT in the attachment. 



***Important: no references need, just writing !!!


Due Date: 2/10/2016 at 11:30AM  American Eastern Time



Thank you~

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