Carefully observe and journal their body language (physical positions and movements

watch the link below first then write on the project.

Body Language Journal
Write a journal of 10 observations in a minimum of 3 settings – no names please
Watch people in three different settings
Carefully observe and journal their body language (physical positions and movements
Based on the paired observations/key words you learned in class during the lectures, translate what you believe their body language is communicating
Make sure you include two parts to each observation and number each 1 or 2:
The specific body language you observed (use items covered in lecture)
The keyword(s) of how the body language is translated (see lecture handouts
The younger girl was (1) holding her arm with her other hand in a “sling” position (2) indicating her insecurity.

Her (1) chin was lowered and her eyes were looking up (2) which is a submissive position.
Please note that you must have both steps 1 and 2 in your journal for each of your 10 observations – if you only have observations (and no key word translation to what their body language means) you will not receive points.

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