Create a plan for ongoing improvement and increased capability based on an evaluation of an organization’s systemic constraints.

Shared Practice: The Goal, Part 2

Shared Practice: The Goal, Part 2

Through the lens of the business novel The Goal , you have been following many characters, complex business issues, and various management methodologies proposed for correcting problems. In choosing to write a novel, the authors are able to explore abstract concepts in an informative and accessible format. In effect, they are comparing and contrasting strategies in a realistic setting, rather than presenting their argument in an article.

This week, the Shared Practice is a continuation from Week 5, in which you used critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate the concepts and decisions concepts presented in The Goal . This Shared Practice will focus on Part 2 of the readings in The Goal.

To prepare for this Shared Practice, select one of the following options, based on the two course level outcomes below, which you will use to frame and analyze this week’s reading assignment in The Goal:

  • Create a plan for ongoing improvement and increased capability based on an evaluation of an organization’s systemic constraints.


  • Analyze a complex value creation system using management concepts.

Then, using Part 2 of your The Goal readings, research and select three short passages that contain one or two essential concepts pertaining to management that you found to be compelling. Analyze each using the Course Outcome you selected as a framework. Note: A theme this week you can focus on is to explain why the techniques that the team are implementing working, and how “breaking the rules” in this case makes sense from a systems performance perspective).

For this Shared Practice, write a 3- to 4-paragraph essay. Identify the Course Outcome you selected and the passages from Part 2 of The Goal. Explain why each passage you chose is relevant and important in effective business management. Justify your response, and include citations for each passage. As you move on to next week, reflect on this statement, “If I had only known this, back when…”


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