Critically evaluate how well your group prepared for and handled the interview and what you would do differently (40%)

The tasks:

Task 1: Recruitment & Selection Interview

Following the recruitment & selection role play you are asked to:

1.Critically evaluate the skills required to conduct recruitment interviews effectively (50%)
2.Critically evaluate how well your group prepared for and handled the interview and what you would do differently (40%)
1. please read through all doctument I uploded. There has very important materials need to be used.
Recommended Reading:
2. there has a reference should be used in this essay. if this hard, you can use the reference in the example.
ACAS: (2009) Code of Practice; Disciplinary and grievance procedures; available at

Daniels, K. (2006) Employee Relations in an Organisational Context, CIPD

Dundon, T and Rollinson, D (2011) Understanding Employment Relations; (latest edition) McGraw Hill; Maidenhead

Farnham, D., (2000): Employee Relations in Context (latest edition): CIPD
(a little dated on the legal/procedural aspects, but useful for identifying the skills required to conduct grievance and discipline.)

Gennard, J. and Judge, G. (2010) Employee Relations (5th edition) CIPD

Rose, E. (2008): Employment relations (3rd edition) Pearson Education, Essex.

Dibben, P, Klerck, G and Wood, G (2011) Employment Relations: a Critical and International Approach, CIPD, London

Taylor, S (2010) People Resourcing (4th Edition) CIPD

Pilbeam, S & Corbridge, M (2010) People Resourcing and Talent Planning, HRM in Practice. Prentice Hall. 3. This essay may be process accouding to my tutor’s feedback and the interivew question, I uploaed as well.
4. please finish it on time and avoid plagiarize
5.all references should be cited in Harvard style.
6.This assigment has two task, just help me to finish task one.

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