Critically evaluate the case study’s current strategy, make recommendations for strategic choice and implementation.

Strategy Paper (5,000 words): Apply strategic management approaches (Porter 1985, Johnston & Scholes, and Bowman; Levitt and Gilligan et al) of: Strategic market analysis; Competitive strategy; and Value Chain (Porter 1985) modelling; to a case study example. Critically evaluate the case study’s current strategy, make recommendations for strategic choice and implementation.
Please choose the perfect case study that fit the requirements and it should be related to project management. here is a link it may be useful for you and when you choose a case study inform me about it before proceeding so i know the subject. (Please have a look at the additional files because they are important, (I will upload an image showing the structure i want you to follow), the lecture slides and few other stuff that will help you thought the essay and the theories to use.
The module assignment is a course work essay and will form 100% of the module grade and part of the marks will be awarded for correct style and most for content. It includes a theoretical review of the strategic analysis concepts and methods introduced to you in class as a theoretical approach and students will review and critique these approaches and analyse a strategic case study utilising these analytical models and approaches to test the case study’s approach..
Mark scheme Breakdown for Assignment Strategy, Economics & Finance:
Content and sourced secondary literature (A critical evaluation of theory of the concept of strategy, its place in public and private organisation, and the models and approaches used to assist analysis, from literature): 40%
Application to a chosen case study or studies. Allowing the student to demonstrate application and the testing and evaluation of theory in practice: 40%

Appropriate writing style, Harvard referencing, presentation: 20%
See also the essay writing checklist, paper format document, provided separately.
The assignment should conform to the provided paper format.

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