Decide exactly what you hope to find out.

gave u a likert scale but without respondent, you can assume there is 15-18 person who have completed it, and use the data to analysis and write a report
Added on 11.12.2015 10:11
For this project you need to conduct a survey about aspects of language learning.
Select an area which interests you from the work we have covered on language learning. Decide exactly what you hope to find out.
Decide on the best way to survey this. This will depend on the number of respondents and the detail in which you intend to collect data. You need to be able to justify your approach.
Plan how to analyse your data.
Make sure your participants are willing.
Begin reading about your focus area to support your project and its data.
you may can make changes on the likert scale, I just completed it, but if you can make some changes, it would be really good for the result:)

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