Defend, challenge, or qualify the claim that Brutus was justified in his assassination of Caesar.

-the thematic statement: In Julius Caesar, Brutus was justified in his assassination of Caesar because Caesar was rising in power to fast. This statement must be included.
-must be two pages
-use quotes from the book as sources
-must have a work cited page

Here are the essay choices for your final essay. Your final exam is made up of two parts: a multiple choice section and this essay. It is not optional. If you do not turn in this essay, the highest you will score on the final exam is a 50%.

Defend, challenge, or qualify the claim that Brutus was justified in his assassination of Caesar. Use at least three of the sources provided for support. You may refer to the sources by the assigned letter.

Sources from Julius Caesar include:
● Source A: Act I, Scene 2, Lines 90-131
● Source B: Act II, Scene 1, Lines 10-34
● Source C: Act III, Scene 1, Lines 59-73
● Source D: Act III, Scene 2, Lines 72-105
● Source E: Act III, Scene 2, Lines 166-194
● Source F: Act V, Scene 5, Lines 68-81

Your essay must be in Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double spaced in MLA format, with a minimum of 2 pages. You should easily reach this minimum if your paragraphs are at least 6-8 sentences. Use the resources I’ve uploaded on Google Classroom to help you.
This essay is due on Wednesday, December 9, 2015. You may either type it and give me a printed copy or submit it via Google Classroom. It will count as ½ of your final exam grade. If you are exempting the exam, you still must turn in this essay.

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