Defining the core concepts, method for literature search & synthesis, significance of the research/chosen topic, result/outcome of literature search, reference list.

reference should be between 2010-2015, please to include Australia journal articles

Assignment 1
Weight: 30% advisory mark
Length: 1500 words
Students are required to identify a topic in health or social care and submit a researchable question and a plan for critically reviewing that topic. While the actual critical review happens in Assignment 2, Assignment 1 is about describing what you plan to achieve and how you plan to achieve that in Assignment 2. Please be careful not to turn Assignment 1 into a draft of Assignment 2. The focus in Assignment 1 is on explaining how to conduct a literature review on a topic of your choice, with appropriate method and scope.
This assignment must cite at least 2 different scholarly textbooks/journal articles to inform how you will conduct your literature review and at least 5 journal articles you consider as suitable to be reviewed in your second assignment. It should contain and expound under the following sections:
• Introduction (including both about literature review in general and about a contemporary health or social care issue of your choice)
• The research question/focus and the provisional title of your literature review
• Definitions of key terms and concepts
• The dimensions and significance of the research/study topic
• Search strategy which includes for example literature sources accessed for this review (i.e. the names of the databases, search engines or journal lists, etc) key words, and inclusion and/or exclusion criteria for selection of literature
• Titles of the journal articles or research reports you identify so far as suitable to be reviewed in second assignment (i.e. a minimum of five). (No need to describe the content of these articles. But you do need to provide the publication details in the reference list.)
• How the evidence will be critically analysed and synthesized
• Reference list*
*APA referencing style must be used. Follow the link at the top right of the page for information and examples.
References should be as current as possible. As a general rule of thumb, literature published before 2000 will not attract marks. However, older research literature can be included for review where necessary and you ensure that its inclusion in the review is well justified (especially in the search strategy section).
NOTE: This assignment describes what you plan to achieve and how you plan to achieve it. It is NOT a draft of Assignment 2. The focus should be on how to conduct a literature review.
Marking/Assessment criteria for Assignment 1
Criteria Example of application Weighting
• Organisation of material
• Relevance of topic • The content of the report is organised into sections such as: introduction, research questions, defining the core concepts, method for literature search & synthesis, significance of the research/chosen topic, result/outcome of literature search, reference list.
• The chosen health care topic is within the boundary of the profession you are in.
• Current literatures on the chosen topic have room for further research and development. For instance, the topic is not well covered in textbooks. 30%
Critical Analysis:
• logically developed argument
• presentation of accurate evidence • Research questions are grounded in practice, raised from logical argument, and based on overview of general to specific literature
• provided accurate information for the strategy of literature search such as key words, data sources, refinement strategies, inclusion and exclusion criteria for selection of literature
• provided credible description of the method to synthesise the nominated literatures forAssignment 2 30%
• appropriate sources used
• appropriate acknowledgement of sources
• consistent and appropriate referencing method • Accessed different sources (e.g. scholarly text books, peer reviewed journals, reports from government and non-government agencies, conference proceedings, electronic and printed factbooks) in engaging with the relevant literature
• Referred to adequate number of literatures (i.e. minimum of two) from different sources to support and guide your approach to conducting a literature review and setting the context and background for the review
• Nominated adequate number of literatures (i.e. minimum of five) from different peer reviewed sources for Assignment 2, on the basis of progress made so far.
• References should be as current as possible. For instance, literature published before year 2000 will not attract mark, unless the old literature has specific foundational value.
• APA referencing style is consistently followed 20%
• ability to reformulate concepts in your own words
• imaginative and creative approach • Defined the core concepts in simple words
• The research questions will allow an innovative analysis of the chosen health care topic 5%
Writing style
• clarity
• fluency
• succinctness • Sentences are well structured and are unambiguous. Content of the report flows logically and has good clarity.
• Sentences are not too long 5%
Use of language
• Sentences reflect a good communication skill in general. • grammatical sentences
• correct spelling throughout
• correct punctuation throughout 5%
• Professional layout reflecting legibility and clarity • A title page containing; i) Student name, number & course ii) Assignment number & assignment title written in full iii) Unit number & name iv) Name of the unit coordinator v) Due date of the assignment
• Table of Contents
• Appropriate section headings
• Titles for Tables and Figures
• Double-line spacing
• Legible font size (12 font is best) and type
• Length is consistent with the prescribed word limit ± 10%. 5%
Note: Students are encouraged to add to the sample format provided in this table.

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