Describe the difference between coaching and counseling, mentoring, and discipleship?

Week 1 assignments

1. Describe the difference between coaching and counseling, mentoring, and discipleship? What makes Christian Life Coaching distinctive from secular life coaching?




  • Case Study 1: Use appendix A to complete the Graph of Life (Collins, 2009, p. 355).

A Case Study is the first part of the thread. You will make up a case study about a client whom you are seeing. You will use this client in all four Case Studies, which will give you four sessions with the same hypothetical client at the end of the course. You must give a clear description of how long you have been seeing the client and the issue that led your client to meet with you. Please use The Quick Reference Guide to Biblical Counseling (Clinton and Hawkins, 2009) to help you create applicable client scenarios. Focus on the less clinical issues listed in the table of contents to find the most applicable topic, such as: Decision Making, Burnout, Discouragement, Money Crisis, Parenting, etc. Give some background information on the client. What are the client’s goals? How would use this assignment and what you learned from this assignment with the client? The Case Study should include information regarding why you are using the specific required exercise with your clients, the potential benefits of this exercise, what the client learned as a result of completing this exercise, etc. 2.    Write a Reflection. Write about your experiences with this assignment. What did you learn from the assignment? Was this a useful exercise for you to do with yourself? What are some action points that you will implement in your life as a result of the outcome of your assessment? Could you see yourself using this on a client in the future? Wh

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