Describe the interest in master of architecture program of study and the reasons for pursuing a graduate degree.

In 500 words describe the interest in master of architecture program of study and the reasons for pursuing a graduate degree. The personal statement is the way of introducing myself to the Admissions Committee. I’ll upload my resume with this order. I’m currently doing architecture related work now, for example, I’m doing architecture drawings for small office as you’ll see in my resume. The purpose to choose this program is because 1. I have passion about architect and design, when i was young, my dad brought me to see different buildings and went to see different art exhibition is also part of my hobby. After I finished my master in biotechnolgy, i didn’t choose any work related since I fell love with architecture and design. so I study interior design part timely. After that I got job related it to interior design field. After I moved in NEW YORK, I helped my auntie doing architecture related work and feel this is what I really want to do for my rest of life, so this brought me move to next step, which is my 2nd reason to choose this program. I feel I need professional and solid education background for my work in the future. The 3rd reason is my long term goal to become a licensed architect in the near future to achieve my dream. this program is definitely the best choice for me as it ‘s NAAB accredited program. Here’re the basic ideas for my purpose to chose this master program (Master of Architecture). This is one of several credentials that will determine my eligibility for admission, please make sure this article is impressed. THANKS!

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