Describe the policy and the rationale being used to advance that policy.

alyze local public policy

Unit V focuses on limits to public policy interventions. For the assignment you are asked to prepare an essay which outlines a public policy process in your local government or state. Specifically, select a policy initiative focused on education, healthcare, or poverty, and prepare an essay which includes the following: MBA 6861, Public Policies 5

Describe the causes of the policy.

Describe the policy and the rationale being used to advance that policy.

Explain the effect(s) of the proposed policy.

Identify an example of an alternative or option that is (or could be considered).

Identify and discuss the methods that will (or could) be used to measure the policy outcomes. Identify the measurement issues, if applicable.

Discuss the possible impact the policy could have on the future of policymaking in your local government or state.

Your essay must:

Be a minimum of 500 words;

Be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides;

Utilize a minimum of two sources other than the textbook to support your research and asserConform to APA format. All the references should be effectively used, correctly cited and correctly

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