Describe the seven basic principles for developing user interface design. Draw a simple entity relationship diagram (ERD) for the POS.

System Analysis and Design

At the end of this course, you will complete a final project that will assess your understanding and comprehension of systems development. The minimum written requirement is five pages and may extend beyond the five pages due to the size of the drawings.


The Cycle Stationary Unit (CSU) is a company that sells stationary cycles to fitness centers, rehabilitation centers, and home consumers. CSU is a multi-million dollar business that employs 1,000 employees for the building, selling, packaging, and shipping of their products to consumers. You are a systems analyst, and management has tasked you to create a new point of sale (POS) system for CSU.

You must complete the following requirements for this final project:

1. Describe briefly the five steps of the systems development life cycle.

2. Differentiate between agile, JAD, and RAD methodologies. Which will you use for the development, and why? Would you use a prototype method?

3. Summarize the six steps of the preliminary investigation and the project triangle.

4. Explain what a data flow diagram (DFD) is. Illustrate by drawing a DFD of a context diagram point of sale (POS) system using the Gane and Sarson symbols and a diagram 0 DFD.

5. Discuss what object-oriented development is, and draw an object model of the point of sale system. Remember you must have an object model, attributes, and methods in the object model. Also, draw a use case modeling UML (Unified Modeling Language) for the POS.


7. Summarize the last step of the SDLC of systems support and security. Why is this so important to the Cycle Stationary Unit (CSU) organization?

8. Explain what global, national, or local industry needs could affect the POS system.

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