Describe the usefulness of the source.

Annotated Bibliography Assignment**WILL BE SUBMITTED TO TURN IT IN** There is another student that is ordering the same essay, please ensure that the essays are not the same**

This is a formal bibliography that includes citations of sources with summary and evaluation information for each source. The assignment should be typed and single spaced. Each student will research any topic within the field of animal behavior using multiple sources. Example topics are policing in insect colonies, sexual conflict, shyness and boldness, cooperation through coercion, and influence of urbanization on animal diets. A minimum of seven sources and must all come scholarly journals, chapters in edited volumes, and/or books on the topic. In other words, these need to be valid sources and not from a blog, press article, personal website, etc. Use APA formatting. Your bibliography will be graded using the rubric at the end of this document. The emphasis is on finding accurate, reliable sources and providing a clear summary and evaluation for each source. Lastly, provide me with a paragraph at the beginning of the document that introduces your topic and synthesizes the information you acquired from the reports (approx. 100-200 words). Due the day of the final quiz (on final week). There will be an assignment drop box on blackboard to submit the document.

This assignment is designed to help you evaluate sources of information in the sciences as you learn about a specific topic of interest. You might begin the assignment curious of sexual conflict in birds and up focused on a specific interest of how sexual conflict might slow population growth. An annotated bibliography includes all of the citation information needed to find a source and at least one paragraph describing the source (approx. 100-150 words).

1. Find a minimum of seven sources on your topic – these should be your best sources so that means you will likely have reviewed at least twice this many
2. Look for reliable, valid sources that discuss research and use scientific language
3. As you write your annotated paragraph include both a summary of the source AND an evaluation of the validity of the source and its usefulness. Paragraphs should be in full sentences. Length of the entry is often linked with the length of the source.
• Summarize the content of the source – be descriptive and specific
• Evaluate the accuracy and validity of the source
• Describe the usefulness of the source
4. The format should first list the citation in APA format, then the appropriate paragraph annotation, followed by the actual abstract from the article. Start a new page for the next citation, annotation, and abstract. All entries should be typed and single spaced.
5. Introductory cover paragraph at beginning of document.

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