Describes all procedures as they were performed in paragraph form with complete sentences (NOT as a recipe or as written in the lab manual).

I need help with biology lab report



You will be graded on one report. A hardcopy of your report is due two weeksafter the experiment was conducted. (No late papers are accepted.) Also, you are to submit your report to


You may choose either Ex. 5A: The Cell—Transport Mechanisms & Cell Permeability  or  Ex. 16A: Skeletal Muscle Physiology


The report will be graded on content and format. Please see rubric below:


Content: 80%




●Introduces the topic of the experiment, with sufficient background information to exhibit a clear understanding of the material covered


●States major objectives clearly


●States HYPOTHESIS properly






●Includes all materials used through the entire experiment (Use complete sentences. Do not just make a list of materials)


●Describes all procedures as they were performed in paragraph form with complete sentences (NOT as a recipe or as written in the lab manual)






●Explains clearly and concisely, in paragraph form, data and observations (Do not explain or interpret your data, just state the results)


●Displays relevant graphs/tables/diagrams (Results are always written out first then you show your graph or table, if applicable) Be sure to reference all graphs/tables/diagrams in the written portion of the RESULTS






●Discusses how results support or fail to support hypothesis


●Explains and interprets the data/observations


●Explains possible sources of error


●Describes how information might have practical uses in a clinical setting


●Formulates further experiments to test hypothesis, or proposes a new hypothesis and experiment (based on observations in current experiment)






●Properly lists all reference books, articles and websites used to write the report (See syllabus for examples)




Format: 20%






●The report has a descriptive title


●Materials and Methods are written in paragraph form with complete sentences


●Each graph/table has a descriptive title


●Axes of graphs are properly labeled


●Sections are properly titled


●Length is 3-6 double-spaced pages


●References are cited correctly in the body of the paper and in the LITERATURE CITED section


●The report and each section are logically organized






●Grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation are used correctly and consistently


●The report is written in third person

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