Develop conceptual tools to analyse processes of policy transfer and policy borrowing across different settings and levels.

For this case study, please analyze the process of westernization of higher education that is taking place in the international arena. Particularly focusing on UK universities and their role in such process. This should be looked at through two main factors. The first, focusing on the number of international students coming to the UK and their participation in the UK higher education system. This should include figures and rates of international students and the countries they came from for the last few years. Analyse how such flow of students to the UK is helping in the process of Westernization of higher education. Secondly you should focus on the fact that more UK universities are opening branches and different departments internationally. Governments hosting UK universities in countries like the UAE, Kuwait, India, and China aim to increase intellectual benefit for their citizens. This shows that there has been an increasing international trend towards western higher education especially from developing countries that want to benefit from Western developed countries’ education systems to help them develop in different fields.
-3000 words long
-Documenting the process of westernisation of international higher education (roll back and roll out) with reference to academic literature.
-Please link the above to the wider literature around globalisation, and also the knowledge economy and human capital.
-you need to show a good understanding of the theoretical and practical complexities involved in education policy making
-consider new forms and methods of policy at a global scale
-Develop conceptual tools to analyse processes of policy transfer and policy borrowing across different settings and levels.
-Please use case study structure style (refer to: Yin, R. K. (2014). Case Study Research: Design and Methods. California, SAGE Publication).

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