Did you Describe the elements of a criminal act?

Jack Bert and Bratt: Jack could not have killed Bert due to the malfunctioning of his gun. The court granted the motion.
Was the court correct in dismissing the attempted murder charge? Be sure to describe the elements
of a criminal act and address impossibility and distinguish if it is a complete or incomplete attempt.
Answer the questions above with a 2-4 page paper in APA format . Criteria: Ask yourself the
following questions.
Not Yet Yes
Purpose for Writing
Did you Describe the elements of a criminal act?
Do you have a clear Purpose for your paper?
Did you state the Major Topics clearly?
Is your research Current?
Did you use Credible Sources?
Did you answer all the questions in a Substantive manner?
Is your content Accurate?
Is your content Comprehensive enough to address the topic?
Did you prepare you paper in Word Document?
Did you name your file Correctly?

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