Did you support your statements with actual examples from the track or the readings?




  1. Length: One (1) page, double-spaced, Times New Roman, size 12 font.


  1. Points: You will receive a maximum of ten (10) points for each report.



  1. Grading: Your reports will be evaluated as follows:


  1. Content (3 points)
  2. a) Accuracy: Did you identify the musical genre, title and composer of the selection), instruments and performance technique (including vocal and dance styles) correctly?
  3. b) Completeness: Did you provide all of the required information that was identified in the track instructions?
  4. c) Supporting Detail: Did you support your statements with actual examples from the track or the readings?


  1. Paragraph Construction (2 points)
  2. a) Unity: Are your paragraphs focused? Are all the sentences in the paragraph related to the main point?
  3. b) Coherence: Do your paragraphs flow logically? Do they make sense?


  1. Conventional Academic Grammar (3 pts.)
  2. a) Sentence Construction: Have you been careful to avoid incomplete sentences, misplaced modifiers?
  3. b) Verbs: Do you have correct verb and subject agreement? Use of correct verb forms?


  1. Vocabulary (2 pts.)
  2. a) Usage: Have you used words with the correct meaning?
  3. b) Spelling: Have you spelled your words correctly?
  4. Report 1: A summary in your own words of  Article A in the course reader (“Chapter 12: Music Pre-Cuauhtemoc Era”). Your summary must include reference to:  a) musical categories b)  characteristics of the music   c) musical instruments.  



please check the link for the chapter reading attached






  1. Report 2: A summary in your own words of Article C in the course reader (“The Son”).Your summary must include (in your own words): a) an explanation of what a son is   b) an identification of at least four features   c) a brief overview of the son’s history   d)  three son varieties

please check the link for the chapter reading attached



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