Discuss the Statistical significance and inference for the Business.

Econ PPT slides



focusing how many stores closed last 10 years


  • Business Research Model – Introduce the Business Model – Background, about and the Company’s Portfolio,…….
  • Quantitative Data – Sales, operating Cost, Revenue, Profit, Stock Portfolio
  •   Quantitative analysis includes:
  • Descriptive Statistics, Scatter Plot and  Correlation, Regression model and prediction at Confidence level
  • Normal Distribution One Sigma, Two Sigma and three Sigma Probability
  • Bell Curve and its significance.
  • State a Hypothesis testing and proving a Hypothesis – Comparing Stocks, Sales,……
  •   t test One sided and two sided and ANOVA (analysis of Variance)  to compare all,….
  • Multiple Predictive model
  • Discuss the Statistical significance and inference  for the Business.
  • Business Strategy for the years to come based on the variables and Data Mining.
  •   Have at least 30 or more PPT slides
  •   Conclude the Business in testing the Hypothesis and in predicting the Business for the coming years.
  • Please do not hesitate to ask for help on Statistical analysis or interpretation.
  • Sales, Stock or Operating Cost are some of the variables to discuss.
  • Business Ethics
  • Business outcome and Decisions.  Document the Excel analysis.
  • References and Presenting from a Business perspective

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