Discuss the type of potential accidents and incidents that may be faced by the parties in the demolition work.

I’ll attach the assignment brief
You are the health and safety manager (SHM) of Democon Ltd, a demolition contractor hired to demolish the Chandler building, to make way for the new civil engineering structural laboratory for the academic year in 2017/18.
The Chandler building has served the university well and the area it is occupying is shown on the Preston main campus map (i.e. Map provided). The demolition is to be carried out during term time and will take approximately 6 weeks. Construction work for the new built should commence first week of January 2016. The Board of Directors (BoD) of your company are concerned about the time frame and the environment within which this work has to be done. They have asked you to prepare a report to present to them so that they can appreciate all the health and safety concerns associated with the project.
Your discussion should cover the following area:
1. (a) Identify the safety and health hazards that you consider significant and the associated risks. Also consideration should be taken of the risks associated with respect site mobilization, preparation of the site in accordance with the mode of operation that you will adopt for this demolition work.

2. (b)  Discuss the type of potential accidents and incidents that may be faced by the parties in the demolition work.

3. (c)  Evaluate the effectiveness of your proposed health and safety strategies currently available for use on this project and make recommendation to the company’s BoD on your health and safety findings report.

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