Does anyone have this paper done already?

Does anyone have this paper done already?, I need it ASAP

BIOL398L Applied Final Project – Annotated Fermented Food Full Course Menu

Addresses Outcomes #1, #2, and #3

  • Recognize fermented food and beverage products in our daily lives and use the underlying scientific knowledge of these products as a guide for their optimal production and/or consumption.
  • Use the understanding of growth conditions of bacteria and fungi to protect food products from undesired spoilage or promote desired fermentation.
  • Use knowledge of the natural interactions that occur between humans and microbes in our environment to assist in making health promoting dietary decisions.

For this assignment, you will select 4 fermented foods to include in a full course dinner menu. Not every dish in the menu needs to be fermented, but 4 fermented products have to be included. The menu should have an appealing design, and foods selected should make a well-rounded meal. For each of the fermented products on the menu, the following annotations should be included:

  • Brief history of the social origin of the product.
  • Description of how the product was made, including microbes involved and fermentation products.
  • Health benefits associated with consuming the product.

A separate references page should also be included.


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