Does this mean we have regressed as a society?

answer the questions with 200 words.

 As you know the period of protest and social upheaval known as the Civil rights Movement created many changes within American society. However while the 1960s changed much of the society there are many things that either remained the same or became worst. After the 1960s the economic gap the separated black and white families actually grew. This means that in comparison to white families African American families economically were doing better during the period of segregation than they are now in 2014. How do you account for this? How can we explain this? Does this mean we have regressed as a society?

Additionally I see that you addressed the question of boycotts being one of the key influences of the Civil Rights Movement, however I want you to ask yourself…what does this notion of valuing money as a means of creating equitable laws within our society relate to our morality as a nation? Does this mean that at our core we are motivated by money and only money. What does this say to our morality?

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