Due to different forces and trends in our health care system, how will your role be evolving in the future?

Case Scenarios

The following case scenarios put you in the position of a health services manager! Read the scenarios below, and compose a 2-3 paragraph double-spaced response for each scenario. Incorporate concepts and terms from reading assignments and lecture notes that have been covered in Weeks 01-11. 

Cite your sources using APA style guidelines. If you need assistance with APA, please visit the Online Library which is accessible through the Resources tab.

Scenario One:

You are the chief executive officer at ABC Memorial Hospital. Your organization recently conducted an employee satisfaction survey, and the results showed that “lack of communication” is a major concern amongst the employees in your organization. How would you address this issue so that the results of the next employee survey are higher in this area? What specific steps would you take to increase communication within your organization?

Scenario Two:

You are the clinic manager at XYZ Community Clinic. One of your employees has been working at your clinic for nine years. She is a talented coder and a model employee. In the past few months, however, you have noticed that her work is not being completed at the same pace it used to be and that it is occasionally incomplete. She is often late to work and is missing meetings quite frequently, often without realizing it. Other employees have also reported similar concerns to you about this employee. You think that her symptoms are the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease, but you are afraid to bring it up with her. How would you handle this situation?

Scenario Three:

You have been working in the field as a health services manager for about five years. Due to different forces and trends in our health care system, how will your role be evolving in the future? How can you ensure that your skills and knowledge will allow you to stay abreast of changes and challenges that you will be facing? What types of skills will be the most valuable to you in tomorrow’s health care environment?

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