Enterprise plans for implementing improvements in the organization.

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Part 1: Report You have been asked to conduct an examination of a workplace, either one where you work or a workplace with which you are familiar or you can consider ACK for examination.
You are required to prepare a report on the sustainability of their work practices. You should make suggestions as to how they can improve their efficiency.

Tip: consider the 7 areas of concern from lecture 5 in the PowerCampus. Then identify one practice, e.g. power usage, water usage, disposal of waste etc and write a report for the manager.

Your report should address the following:
1. Background of the organization.
2. Environmental regulations governing the industry.
3. Enterprise plans for implementing improvements in the organization.
4. Reporting procedures for environmental incidents.
5. Recommend improvements.

Part 2: Environmental Checklist
Using the information obtained for Part 1: Report, create a sustainability checklist which can be used by your company to monitor their workplace practices

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