Evaluate options/ solutions to implement change.

You are required to produce an enterprising change plan for an organization of your choice – private/ public sector or social enterprise making appropriate reference to supporting theories and models of change.

The plan will focus on a particular department/ business unit or work group within the organization that you are familiar with. The change plan is intended to enhance enterprise/ innovation/ improve efficiency or organisational effectiveness.

The change will usually involve introducing a new way of doing things, a new process or system; change that may require a change in the organizational structure and or culture. You will need to consider the change issue/ problem – why the change is needed? And what the change represents; a completely new way of doing things, process/ system? Or the redesigning of existing practices, processes or systems? You will also need to consider exactly what are the key changes to be made? What will be done or happen differently in the future & how this will improve the organization? Who will do this & how?
This report will be comprised of 4 sections

Section 1: Identifying the change situation/ context
• Identify the reasons for change/ change context/ enterprising nature of the change.
• Identify the scope of the change/ purpose/ aims
• Identify change agents/ change team

Section 2: The change project analysis
• Stakeholder analysis
• Force field analysis – resistance/ obstacles to change.
• Critique of existing organizational culture – supporting/ hindering change.
• Discuss the organizational readiness for change.

Section 3: Evaluation/ discussion of the change programme
• Evaluate options/ solutions to implement change
• Discuss required changes – Structure? Processes? Systems? People?
• Specific recommendations / justification of change activity
• Identify and discuss change stages & timeframe
• Communication plans
• Risk assessment of undertaking change

Section 4: Change plan
• Action Plan – milestones/ timescales
• Change project diagram and supporting written explanation / justification.

The report has a recommended word limit of 4000 words; however this does not include any tables or diagrams you may wish to put into the appendices and then refer to in the report itself. The report needs to be concise, but should make appropriate reference to supporting theories, models etc. to help underpin the validity of your recommendations. Clearly section 3 will be a very important part of the overall report.

I will upload the full assessment instructions with example from last year students and the zip files have an examples for student took A in the assessment. Also, recommendation references as important to use.

please when you choose the organization send me a draft from one page to take agree to carry on from the tutor.

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