Evaluate resources relevant to domestic violence issues in order to effect social change.

ho is Responsible?


Paper #1




Who is Responsible? (50 points)




Learning Outcomes


  • apply knowledge of research and theory of domestic violence to identify the scope of the issue within society and dispel commonly held misconceptions locate; and
  • evaluate resources relevant to domestic violence issues in order to effect social change.






Your paper should be a typed and double-spaced two- to four-pages, in twelve-point font, with one-inch margins, edited for spelling, grammatical, and typographical errors, (and if applicable, include a list of works cited).




Remember to incorporate your readings, class discussions and outside sources to support your argument.







In this assignment, you will be asked to indicate the level of responsibility of the people in each of these stories. The total responsibility for everyone in each of the five stories should collectively add up to 100 percent (i.e., 100% total for scenario #1, and so on for each scenario). You must explain your reasoning for each amount (%) of responsibility each person owns.




#1 – Ron bought a pair of slacks at JC Penney’s. When he got to his car, he tossed the bag into his back sear. On the way home, Rob stopped at the grocery store. He forgot to lock the car door. When he returned to his car, the new slacks were gone. How much responsibility does Ron have for the theft?




#2 – Bobby is 12 years old and has the day off from school. His parents tell him to stay home. He gets bored, however, takes some money from his mother’s drawer and goes to the video arcade. There he meets 2 other boys, Andy and Joey. When Andy and Joey see that Bobby has money, they talk him into taking them to a movie. On the way to the theater, however, Andy and Joey beat up Bobby and take his money. How much responsibility does Bobby have for the mugging and robbery?




#3 – You plan a 2-week vacation. You have a broken lock on one of your windows in your house and have been meaning to get it fixed. But you do not get it done before you leave. You figure that no one will notice. When you come home from the vacation, however, you discover that your house has been burglarized. The thieves used the window with the broken lock to get into your house. How much responsibility do you have for the burglary?




#4 – Julie has been dating Tom for 2-months and they are now going steady. Julie knows that Tom has a bad temple, especially when he has been drinking. Just last week he got into a fight over a disagreement with a friend. Julie and Tom go to their high school football game on Friday night. A student in Julie’s English class, Bill, talks to Julie for a few minutes about an assignment they have in class. After the game, Julie and Tom go to a party where Tom has several drinks and Julie chats with friends both male and female. While walking out to the car, Tom starts complaining that Julie was too friendly with Bill and the other guys at the party. Julie assures him that they are all just friends and there is no reason for him to be jealous. Tom orders Julie to stop talking to other guys. Julie says, “Don’t be silly.” Tom punches Julie hard on the arm almost knocking her down and giving her a nasty bruise. How much responsibility does Julie have for being hit?




#5 – Sara and Jane are sophomores in college. They are invited to a fraternity party where they pay $5 for all the beer they can drink. After a couple of hours Sara wants to leave but Jane does not. Mike and Matt tell Jane they will give her a ride back to the dorm later. Their friend Bob is the designated driver. At 2AM, Matt, Mike, Bob and Jane return to the dorm. Mike, Matt and Jane are drunk. The men help Jane to her room where she passes out. She awakens some tome later to realize that her clothes have been removed and that Mike is having sex with her. He says that Matt and Bob also had sex with her although she has no memory of it. How much responsibility does Jane have for the sexual encounter.

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