Explain changes in the price of iron ore over the period shown.

The work is comprised of two tasks. You must complete both tasks and put them in a single file. TASK A – In 500 words Applied Economic Task answer an original question of your choice which requires you to use a micro economic principle, with a suitable topic. Task A doesn’t require referencing but work should be 100% plagiarism free. TASK B – In an essay of 1500 words or fewer, use economic analysis to explain changes in the price of iron ore over the period shown in Figure 1 and why the price fluctuations have been so great.. The Task B figure to work on is attached to this file.please do follow the figure attached to this part and also draw diagrams to explain in a letter way. This part must also be written in academic style with all sources thoroughly referenced using Harvard style. Using diagrams to illustrate your arguments is essential. Be sure to explain them in the text. For this part you should draw on a wide range of (academic) sources. NOTE – An example of this work will also be attached to aid you on doing the work but you must devise your own question all work must be plagiarism free. and referenced in Harvard style. example of task A and TASK B is also attached so as to aid you with the work. please carefully read the attached thoroughly before commencing. THANKS.

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