Explain how you will take action on these strategies.

Critical Reading, Writing, and Your Learning Patterns



For a written transcript to the video above, please click here.




Prepare: Critical reading and writing are essential to being a successful student. An important part of being an intentional learner is developing reading and writing strategies that work best for you. There is no “one size fits all” recipe for academic success. The Week Three Instructor Guidance lists strategies to help you become a more intentional reader and writer based on each Learning Pattern.

Critically read Chapter 3 and view the video (above). The video shows the unique thinking and writing processes of individual learners as they approach a college-level assignment.

 Reflect: Since all four Learning Patterns contribute to excellent writing, consider how the Patterns you Avoid are needed just as much as those you Use First. Practice critical thinking as you reflect on the writing challenges Makayla, John, Paul, and Raheem face in Section 3.3.

 Write: After considering the scenario of each learner, address the following:

  • For each of the four learners, provide a minimum of three to four sentences of advice for how they could have used their Learning Patterns with intention in each scenario. For example, Makayla was ruled by her Sequence. What would you recommend that she do to overcome her dependence on Sequence when approaching writing tasks?
  • List your LCI scores. Based on your own unique Learning Patterns, identify two specific strategies to enhance your critical reading skills and two specific strategies to enhance your critical writing skills. Select strategies presented in Chapter 3 and/or the Week Three Instructor Guidance and explain how you will apply each of the strategies you have identified.

Your initial post should contain a minimum of 250 words.

Respond to Peers: Review your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two, each with a minimum of 50 words. Consider comparing and contrasting the strategies for college-level reading and writing your peer identified with your own Learning Patterns. Could these strategies support your learning preferences? Why, or why not? Provide suggestions for additional reading and writing strategies to help your peers use their Learning Patterns with intention.

Think about it this way…


This discussion is asking you to do four things:

  • Read the four learner stories from section 3.3 of your text. Provide advice to each learner that encourages intentional use of their Learning Patterns.
  • List two critical reading strategies and two critical writing strategies from Chapter 3 and/or the Instructor Guidance that could help you approach college-level reading and writing with greater intention and include your LCI scores.
  • Explain how you will take action on these strategies.
  • Respond to at least two of your classmates’ discussion posts. Use the “Response to Peers” to assist you with your reply.

Type a heading for each section (e.g., My Advice for Makayla, John, Paul, and Raheem), and then write the information under each heading in complete sentences. This helps the reader quickly identify each section and helps you know that you have covered all of the requirements for this post.



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