Explain what actions you have put in place to improve this area of practice, what progress has been made.

Assignment 2 An area of own practice that can be improved
The purpose of this assignment is to analyse in detail on area of practice that you have identified in your PDP. You need to
• demonstrate how reflection and analysis led you to identify this particular area of practice
• explain the objectives (or set of inter-relating objectives) in your PDP related this this area;
• Explain what actions you have put in place to improve this area of practice, what progress has been made. Analyse how successful this has been
• Analyse the impact of improving this area of practice has (or could have) for you, the children you work with, the school, etc
Briefly introduce the area of practice you can improve and why it is important (for you, the children, the school, etc.). Outline what you are going to be covering in the assignment.
Approx. 150 words
Main body
The main body of the assignment is for each individual student to structure as they wish. However, you should include the following:
• An explanation of how you identified the area of practice.
• How you used Critical Incident analysis (Cottrell 2010, p. 281)
• Explain theories of reflective practice and how reflection of this concrete experience led you to identify specific objective(s) in your PDP to improve this area of practice
• Give further background to this area of practice such as:
o How it helps you meet specific elements of professional standards
o How it helps you implement an aspect of the new National Curriculum
o How it supports inclusion and children with specific learning or language needs
o Include further research on the area of practice. For example, if the area is working with children whose English is a Second Language, you could look at the website of the National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum
• Explain actions you have taken and evaluate how successful they have been i.e. is there anything different or extra you need to do?
Approx. 1200 words
Summarise your experiences of improving this area of practice with analysis of its effects on yourself, the children, the school (approx. 150 words)
Include appendices as appropriate. For example, an extract from your PDP; a critical incidence sheet, etc.
List the sources you have cited in your assignment, suing the college’s Harvard Referencing System

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