Explain why ethical standards are needed.

Anaysis Assessment and Technology 3g

There are 5 major guiding principles and 22 ethical standards that you should know as a researcher. You should be familiar with these guidelines and standards. To access them, click here.

Based on these ethical codes, you will participate in this group project at both an individual and group level.


You will be responsible for the following:

  • Review the 5 guiding principles, and choose 1 of them that is of particular interest to you. Be sure to coordinate with your group to avoid duplication.
  • Select 3–4 ethical standards that you believe align with your selected guiding principles, and do further research.
  •  Post a discussion of the chosen principle and the chosen ethical standards. Provide rationale for your belief in their importance. Support your statements with credible academic sources.
  • Review the individual posts of your group members, and provide feedback.


Choose 12 of the 22 ethical standards that you feel are the most important. Make sure that there is at least 1 ethical standard for each of the 5 guiding principles.

Then create a PowerPoint presentation that covers the following:

  • Explain why ethical standards are needed.
  • Identify what each of the 5 guiding principles represents, and why each is important for educational researchers.
  • List the 12 ethical standards chosen.
  • Give an example of how each of the chosen 12 ethical standards would be used in qualitative research for data collection.
  • Give an example of how each of the chosen 12 ethical standards would be used in quantitative research for data collection.
  • Provide examples of how the ethical standards selected might impact methods of collecting data.
  • Summarize why it is important for each individual researcher to follow these ethical standards.

PowerPoint slides should have a professional-looking background and short bullet points on the slide, with the explanation and comments (presentation script) in the notes section. The slideshow should have some graphs or charts and appropriate clip art or photos to make the presentation interesting. For more information on PowerPoint, see the PowerPoint lab in the Learning Lab area.


2010 Draft code of ethics. Retrieved from the American Educational Research Association W

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