Explain your rationale for the strategy you are proposing.

-3 page assignment due by Saturday, Feb. 13, 2016

In this module, you have revisited those problem statements, identified key stakeholders related to a specific problem, and determined essential questions that you will ask stakeholders in order to inform a positive change. You have considered how you must identify, inform, and involve many stakeholders in any plan to effect a positive change. Although many individuals have the ability to identify problems, leaders in education are those who take action to improve situations or solve problems.

For this Assignment, you will apply these skills to address a problem related to the case study you have been exploring throughout the course (case study and other supporting docs are attached below). What problems have you and your colleagues identified as you have explored the case study?

Select one of those problems that you would like to investigate further in order to effect a positive change. Assume the role of the leader planning the positive change related to the problem you identify and consider the steps you might take, and how they might inform an action plan for change. Then, download the “Action Plan Template” attached below. Use the template as a guide to assist and organize the different items that you need to investigate in order to move the plan for change in a positive direction.

Submit a 2- to 3-page paper in which you identify the change you would like to implement and explain the plan you would use to bring about the change. Be sure to address all the topics outlined in the template: goals, actions, time frame, stakeholders, and an evaluation strategy. Don’t forget to use the correct form of heading. Also, verify your font and cover sheet.  Support your reasons for the items (except for problem statement) from the literature.


Problem Statement



Time Frame


Evaluation Strategy.

Also include relevant resources that you have located. Note the strategies you, as a leader in education, would take to facilitate change related to the problem you identified. Explain your rationale for the strategy you are proposing.

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