Explaining how your piece relates to the topics covered in the course.

You must also submit a one-page (400-500 word) “artist’s statement” explaining how your piece relates to the topics covered in the course.

Here are some suggestions for how to do a creative project:

-choose one of the course readings (or one of the optional readings), and produce a creative response/interpretation of it. How can you take the ideas in it and turn it into a creative work?

-choose one of the performance/artistic examples we’ve discussed in class to redo/reperform/reinterpret.

-select one or more theoretical term or concept we’ve covered in class as the basis or inspiration for a creative piece

You need to login to my moodle to see how the video relates to my course and the readings in moodle.
here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiyZE0d0ZQE

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