How can Dr. Kelly determine if Michael’s comment constitutes a credible, legitimate threat?

APA Format only No Plagarism Need it by Sunday

Unit 3 Option 2 Clinical Psychology

if you are unable to attend you have the opportunity to make up the points by summarizing the archived Seminar. Your paper should be written in appropriate APA style for a written summary. In other words, you are not required to use direct quotes, cite references, include an abstract, or include a reference page. You do, however, have to write in complete sentences and paragraphs, provide a title page, and include a professional presentation. Listen to the archived Seminar to provide a summary and respond to the Seminar questions. Submit your summary to the Seminar Dropbox before the end of the unit to receive credit.

Please come to Seminar prepared to discuss the following:

Michael is a 25-year-old graduate student at a large university. He is seeing Dr. Kelly, a clinical psychologist, for depression and anxiety. These symptoms emerged when Michael began graduate school about six months ago and have persisted. Michael’s experience as a graduate student has included significant ongoing stressors, including financial insecurity, academic pressures, and turmoil in his romantic and family relationships. During one session, when Michael had suffered through a particularly stressful week and was feeling especially distraught. He spent the first 20 minutes of the session describing all the pressures he faced. At one point, Michael was quite agitated, and he said, “That school has wrecked my life. I hate that place. Maybe I ought to just blow the whole place up.”

  1. Dangerousness
    • How does the Tarasoff court case apply to this clinical case?
    • How can Dr. Kelly determine if Michael’s comment constitutes a credible, legitimate threat?
    • In your opinion, should Dr. Kelly break confidentiality based on Michael’s comment? If so, with whom, specifically, should he communicate? How does this change if Michael is a high school student and 16 years old?
    • How is the issue of informed consent relevant to this case?
  2. Confidentiality
    • Is it okay to talk to your friends about this if you do not tell the client’s name? What is the “6 degrees” concept? How does it apply to this situation?
    • How would this case be different if the client were an adolescent? How is confidentiality affected when the client is an adolescent?

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