How do organizations measures risk and what global initiatives exist in financial risk management?

Foreign Exchange Risk

Financial markets are the forums in which buyers and sellers of financial assets such as stocks and bonds, and commodities such as grains, oil and gold, meet. Because there are uncertainties of outcome, organizations must develop strategies to manage the risk associated with it.


Write a paper of 8-10 pages on business and financial risk, as follows:

  1. Identify the major business and financial risks such as interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk, credit, commodity, and operational risks.
  2. How do organizations measures risk and what global initiatives exist in financial risk management?

Use APA standards in writing your paper.

Deliverable Length:  8-10 pages (body of paper)


Instructions for this assignment:

Format and structure:

Please make sure it is in APA format, with cover page, reference page, double spacing and 1 inch margin.

Please do spelling and grammar check before you turn it in.

Please do not use very long paragraphs, each of your paragraph should be less than half of the page.

This is a long paper, it is better to have an abstract, or an introduction and a conclusion

Please pay attention to the length requirement of the paper (8-10 pages).   It should be no less than 6 pages, and no more than 12 pages.


This is not just about financial risk such as bonds, stocks, etc.   It is about both business risk and financial risk

You can use a company or an industry as an example to explain some risk concepts, but your paper should not be targeted to a particular industry.

Please make sure you have

  • Discussions of business risk in general, especially in the areas of operational risks, and discussion of the concept of risk management
  • Discussions of some risk management frameworks, such as the four categories of possible responses to business risks—accept, transfer, avoid, and reduce, and the measuring of risk, risk tolerances, etc.
  • Define each type of risk, and discuss some tools and hedging techniques in managing this particular type of risk.
  • Discussions of risk measurements such as risk tolerance
  • Discussions of initiatives of managing risks from global business, such as diversification, foreign exchange risk, cultural risk, political risk, etc.


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