How do the key tenets of mixed methods research assist us when evaluating criminal justice data?

Criminal Justice

Each discussion answer must be a minimum of 400 words. DUE TOMORROW.




Discuss the appropriate use and construction of mixed methods research and research design. Pay particular attention to Creswell’s discussion regarding the components of mixed methods procedures.

In your post, address the following:

  • Explain why both qualitative and quantitative means might provide a more robust research study.
  • What do you see as the most critical aspects of mixed methods research?
  • How do the key tenets of mixed methods research assist us when evaluating criminal justice data?
  • How do the key tenets contribute to successfully interpreting published research findings?


Every researcher is faced with a host of uncertainties as they embark upon any respective research endeavor. Decisions have to be made, methodologies finalized, data analyzed, and inferences made. Take a moment to reflect on the course you took and the decisions you made as you finalize the form your proposal will take.

  • Which research methodology did you select? (You must select whichever one you want between quantitative method, qualitative method, or mixed methods)
  • What about your research study led you to select this methodology?

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