How do you plan to incorporate i.f.a.l.c.o.n into your college educational goal?

need 1 page due today…..psychology help

How do you plan to incorporate i.f.a.l.c.o.n into your college educational goal?

(i.f.a.l.c.o.n) abreviation meaning for each letter is below…..what is each and how you plan to incorporate each into your college educational goal while at Cerritos College……1 page due in an hour and a half…..

So what are these habits of mind?

Identifying the skills and practices of successful students is not a very difficult process. They are well documented and readily available in a mature body of literature. A group of faculty members working on this project spent a good deal of time in the 2006-07 year reviewing the literature on student success to identify the most common behaviors practiced by successful students. Six core habits emerged from the review.

Note: As you read through the six core habits of mind, please keep in mind that these will seem obvious to you, but they are not obvious to every student.

  • Focus—Successful students focus on the work to be done. They are academically self-disciplined, spending appropriate amounts of time studying. They come to class on time and prepared. They complete all assignments and turn them in on time. They finish their programs.
  • Advance—Successful students advance by always improving. They embrace life-long learning. They understand that subject expertise requires a long-term commitment, and commit to ongoing development of thinking skills and learning skills.
  • Link Up—Successful students link up with the academic community. They get involved. They get to know their professors, study in groups, surrounding themselves with focused students and mentors. They use College resources and programs to help with their learning.
  • Comprehend—Successful students study for comprehension. They seek to understand course content rather than simply complete requirements. They ask questions to gain understanding, reflect on what they are learning as well as if they are learning.
  • Organize—Successful students are organized. They plan to succeed. They have an educational goal. They focus on their educational purposes, maintain a specific education plan, and choose classes with an intentional learning purpose in mind.
  • New Ideas—Successful students embrace new ideas. They are curious, seeking out new perspectives and skills. They transfer concepts to new contexts in order to solve problems. They integrate concepts and knowledge to form a greater personal understanding.

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