How do you think the writers we have studied could help us better understand these issues or to question them?

Select one of the following thesis-statements:
• Greed is good for society
• Marriage is an outdated institution
• Only individuals with high IQ scores should be allowed to make the law
• Being poor is just a state of mind
• Citizens have no rights to privacy
• To limit population growth, China’s one-child policy should become international law
• Obese persons should be charged extra on flights
• In a free market, it should be possible to buy citizenship
Write an argumentative essay in support of the thesis. You are going to be arguing for this position.
You need to find and use your own sources to discuss the issue and support your argument. You must also use 2 or 3 readings from the course to develop your thesis. To do this, ask yourself the following questions: How do you think the writers we have studied could help us better understand these issues or to question them? How would Socrates, Shakespeare, Marx, Gandhi, etc. respond to these subjects?
Begin your essay with a short introduction that introduces your topic, states your thesis, and explains the purposes of your essay (i.e. why your thesis matters). The body of your essay should be a carefully structured discussion of specific examples in support of your thesis. Your writing should be clear and straightforward.
Refer closely to 2 or 3 readings from the course. Choose readings from different units of the course.
You should also use at least 2 additional sources in your essay – sources you have found yourself. These need to be reliable and scholarly sources (i.e. academic books or journal articles, not websites). Consult a librarian to help you if you are unsure how to find academic sources.
The assignment should be 4-6 pages, double-spaced. Use a regular font, 12-point. Do not include a cover-page or a contents page. Add your name and ZU ID on the first page. Include page-numbers.
All of the sources you use in your essay should be cited correctly. Use a consistent citation style (MLA, APA, etc.) for your in-text citations and bibliography. Do not use footnotes or endnotes.
You are welcome to solicit feedback from your instructor on your work as you write it – in person and/or over email. However, do not leave this until the last minute.
Any instance of plagiarism or dishonesty, however small or unintended, will result in a zero- grade.
Work is due in class on 9 December. Turn in your essay in class and also upload a copy to SafeAssign on Blackboard. No extensions will be given, so plan your time accordingly.
The assignment is worth 30% of your final grade (see rubric).
Finally, please note: An essay you write does not have to reflect your personal views. What is more important is that you understand an issue and can make an effective and original argument about it using reliable sources.

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