How does that happen?



  • I would have to say consumption. According to the BEA, there was a 2.4% increase in real GDP from 2014 to 2015. Consumption of goods and services account for approximately 70% of GDP, and because there was an increase in consumption it was able to offset increased imports and decreased exports. There was also a decrease in government spending and nonresidential investments. Residential investments increased, but that alone would not be able to completely offset the other components without increased consumption. First on a Thursday?! How does that happen?


  • I believe the business is liable for the expense of the products ordered.  Even though the company did not go through the rules and regulations of the hiring process, they continue to let the friend work in the capacity of an employee. The friends took on the responsibility of an employee such as ordering from vendors and wearing uniforms. They even tell others they work for the business. As the owner of the business, they are liable for the business debts because they gave the employee consent to operate the business whether they personally signed contract or not. They gave the employee consent to run the business in their absence or the business could end up being sued for damages.


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