How does the brand track and measure performance over time?

This assessment type is REPORT. Please write it as a report.

The summative assessment brief is as follows:
Give consideration to a brand which has a strong presence elsewhere in the world but is not commercially available, or is not well known, in the UK (notably outside of London). Relevant examples include Dunkin Donuts (US coffee chain), Whole Foods Market (US health food chain), Saturn (German/European electronics chain), Country Road (Australian clothing chain), MTN (pan African mobile telecommunications company) and Shoprite (pan African supermarket chain). However, there are plenty of other options available – do some background research before deciding on a particular brand.
You will be required to cover the following in your report:
• Profile the brand, provide relevant market statistics, etc. Be sure to include discussion on the brand positioning in its current form, as well as the brand elements and sources of brand equity.
• How does the brand manage relationships with consumers? Does the brand have alliances with other brands (co-branding, ingredient branding) or people (celebrity endorsement)? Is there a specific brand architecture?
• How does the brand track and measure performance over time?
• Why do you surmise the brand has not been launched in the UK? Refer to issues such as competition, potentially different consumer characteristics between the UK and the brand’s home market, etc.
• With respect to the new market (i.e. UK): Discuss the likely target market, points of difference and points of parity, and so on.
• Lastly, critically evaluate and discuss the strategic options available to your chosen brand, recommending what you believe to be the optimum strategic option available. Be sure to consider new products and brand extensions in your response.
• You will need to use relevant concepts and theories from the module to support the above analysis
You need not address these objectives in any set order. Some issues might be more prevalent than others. In fact, you may encounter difficulties in finding all of the information above. The structure of your report needs to be logical and cover the majority of the ground detailed above. However, there is no prescribed structure per se.

The following overarching framework will be used to guide assessment and moderation of your report. Grade allocations are list as follows:

• Introduction – 15%
• Overview of the brand and marketplace – 20%
• Analysis of the brand – 30%
• Strategic recommendations – 20%
• Presentation (List of References & Technical care) – 15%

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