How does this freedom affect the manufacturing sector?

ME essay

5 pages + cover page + work cited

7 pages total


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Create and submit for evaluation on or before February 3rd, a paper version of a double-spaced single-sided report on the topic enunciated below.  Employ 12pt text comprising at least five pages, including abstract, main theme and conclusions.  In addition, create an elegant flamboyant sixth page; the cover-page.  Append a seventh page that presents a list citing the sources that were used to develop the report.




The annihilation of time and space triggered by the diffusion of advanced technologies throughout the world has created a global economy.  Employees are often located at all points on the compass and engineering students are now in a position to prospect for employment worldwide upon graduation.  How does this freedom affect the manufacturing sector?




The topic for this homework is to analyze the dramatically different vacation policy of nations and consider the impact of this immense diversity upon the workforce.  Does this diversity enhance manufacturing productivity?  Does this societal diversity affect the quality of life for employees?  How do long hours in the office affect the health of workers?  Are employees entitled to a vacation each year?  How long should that be?  Should it be enforced by federal regulations?  If Australians enjoy six weeks of vacation each year, should US companies offer this period of recuperation too?  What’s the work-life balance?  After all, human beings are not electro-mechanical robots!




Potential Resource:


Below is an article on the low vacation policy of UDS companies.



Why is America the ‘no-vacation nation’? –

(CNN)– Let’s be blunt: If you like to take lots of vacation, the United States is not the place to work. Besides a handful of national holidays, the …

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