How important is it to know oneself when considering how to improve intercultural communications?

Communication Across Cultures


  • Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.

We are concerned about the impact of communication on cultural competence. Pérez and Luquis (2008) indicate each ethnic group has varying patterns of culture and communication patterns (p. 148). All of us develop our cultural beliefs and patterns through individual and group association, which is a process of enculturation. If we consider our values, beliefs, and attitudes and understand ourselves, we improve our cultural competence and intercultural communications.

Communication involves someone speaking (sender), and someone listening (receiver). The receiver may need clarifying feedback in order to interpret the message. How confident are you of your ability to handle that process flawlessly with people of other cultures? Most of us need to develop our cultural awareness and knowledge to improve our cultural competence.

Reflect on your own values and beliefs (enculturation), and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How important is it to know oneself when considering how to improve intercultural communications?
  • As a health care provider, to what extent can your self-understanding build cultural competence?
  • How important is cultural communication in assessing, processing, or treating patients?
  • How important is it to understand verbal or non-verbal communications?

For your initial post in this discussion, describe a situation, especially in health care, in which communication with a diverse group or culture was less than effective, and explain the possible implications of ineffective communication in that situation by addressing the following:

  • What barriers were at work during this communication?
  • What kinds of risks may arise from failing to recognize and communicate health information effectively? Identify and describe at least two types of risks that might be involved.
  • Focus on legal risks, whether you identified that type of risk in the previous point or not. What kinds of legal risks might arise as a result of ineffective communication? Explain by describing an example.

Response Guidelines

Read the posts of your peers and respond to at least two. Develop and present follow-up questions or supporting statements that may help clarify their perspectives.

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