How is charting the success of health and wellness analogous to conducting PIAs?

Write a 200-word original response to the questions, or write a 200-word response to other students’ responses. The Purpose of “Discussions” is to interact with one another and learn from the discourse. So try not to simply post an “online essay” but engage one another, play with ideas, and propose challenges and extensions to one another’s posts.

1. When we are completing the work on an incident and initiating demobilization, what might we find are critical things for incident commanders and other leaders to be mindful of and ensure get accomplished? Is a Post-Incident Analysis (PIA) an effective way of gathering information and interpreting it for increasing safety on future incidents? As one conducting a PIA, what are the potential pitfalls and how might you avoid the group falling into them?

2. How is charting the success of health and wellness analogous to conducting PIAs? What are the advantages and potential pitfalls with documenting and reviewing our progress (or lack of progress) in the health and wellness measuring process? Who is the judge of whether or not successes and failures are “acceptable” or not?

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